Private chester d. ptaszek

Honor. Remember. Never Forget.

Chester Bird Post 523 American Legion honors and is dedicated to the memory of Chester D. Ptaszek (pronounced pea-ot-zig), Private, United States Army; who lost his life in the Second World War. Chester Bird was a nickname, as the name “Ptaszek” is a Polish derivation of “bird.” Pvt. Ptaszek was 35 when he was first reported Missing in Action (MIA) and then confirmed to have died in France, on August 1, 1944.

Chester Bird served in the 29th Infantry, 115 Regiment who were part of the first wave of soldiers to storm Normandy at Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944; more than 32,450 soldiers landed at Omaha Beach that day, where over 2,000 men were killed or wounded on the first day alone. The 115 Regiment then proceeded to the Northern France Campaign. Its first objective was an important Submarine Base near the town of Brest, France; and fierce fighting was reported at “The Battle of Brest” from July 27-29, 1944. Chester Bird was reported to have died before August 1st, so it was likely that he was killed there. While Chester Bird did not live to complete the 115th campaign, his regiment continued on into Belgium and later culminated their service in the capture of Germany.